About Cymo

With 40 years of research experience in voice instruments and 15 years of experience in developing endoscopy equipment, Cymo B.V. developed as a spin-off company of the University of Groningen and was officially registered on June 8th, 2007. Cymo B.V. is supported by the Technology Foundation STW, a branch of the NWO, the Dutch research council, and the Groningen Voice Research Lab (HKS).

Cymo B.V. developed the new generation videokymograph (VKG), after receiving investments from STW project GKG.5973 “Voice diagnostics in a new perspective”. The VKG system is an ultra-high speed diagnostic imaging tool, based on an on-line scanning procedure perpendicular to the vibrating vocal folds during phonation.
The high-sensitivity technology allows medical specialists working in the field of voice disorders to analyze pathological fast or irregular vocal fold movements.

Cymo B.V., a specialist in high sensitivity technology, has expanded its products to HD endoscope imaging systems and an endoscopy light source. The full HD cameras capture even the finest variations in tissue structures, making them very suitable for surgeons performing minimal invasive procedures. The latest 3-chip full HD 6698 Camera features a progressive scanning system, which provides the sharpest details with incomparable natural color rendition at the highest spatial and temporal resolution. The highly efficient 7100 LED light source can be used in most endoscopy applications, is super-silent and delivers cutting edge LED technology and an innovative fiber optical design. All featured imaging products reflect the latest technology, due to continual investment in research and development.

Research and Development form an integral part of Cymo B.V.’s business.

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Company information:
Company Name: Cymo B.V.
KvK (Chamber of Commerce) number: 77760344
VAT number: NL861131241B01

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